An interview with Jennifer Donohoe author of: Willow’s Journey

AuthorI’m so glad you’ve agreed to this interview, Jennifer. Could you tell me when you first began to write?

I first started writing at a very young age. I used pictures from National Geographic and made up stories about the scenes in those books. I always loved to create stories and bring them together. The scenery has always been the best part for me.

How do you juggle the many tasks of — mom, worker, and writer — all With their own set of demands?

It’s never easy to work, having a child to raise, and write. I am very good at time management and force myself to keep up with everything. That doesn’t go to say that I don’t burn myself out sometimes. I do need to take a hiatus a time or to, but writing has always been in my blood and will always be a part of my life.

When do you do your most productive writing?

I do my most productive writing late at night. There seems to be something special about the late night hour and writing. It’s very difficult for me to write during the day. I don’t know why.

How about reading — Who are some of your currently favorite writers and why?

I am currently reading the Game of Thrones series by George R. R. Martin. I’m on his fourth book in the series called, A Feast for Crows. The fantasy series is more lifelike with real characters and developments. Mr. Martin does an excellent job of bringing the reader into his story by using great descriptions of the surrounding scenery. He also uses the character’s clothing to let the reader know what type of person they are dealing with prior to even getting to know the character.

What about marketing your published books — what methods have you found to be most productive? Could you give an example or two…?

I’ve tried many different things like taking part in contests, twitter, facebook, and actual advertising. Word of mouth has always been the best way to advertise for me. The one thing an independent writer needs to remember is that they have to be brave enough to put their book out there for the people to read.

Your current writing centers on fantasy fiction. What drew you to that genre?

I’m drawn to fantasy because of the creative aspect part of it. A writer can create whatever they want and then bring in the suspension of belief for the reader. Normal people can become extraordinary with a few simple words and actions. Plus, it’s easier sometimes to take a life lesson unexpectedly than having it thrown in your face. Book

Some of your characters are very human, others less so. How do you meld The two worlds into a cohesive whole so the reader doesn’t have to suspend belief in what they know and have experienced to follow the story?

I don’t think I have an actual plan to meld my characters together into the story. I just write them and allow them to tell me what they want and how they’ll fit into the story. Even though I write fantasy, I keep it as close to reality as possible. I believe this may be the reason the human and no so human characters seem to fit in the same storyline.

What’s next on the horizon for you? Another fantasy tale or something entirely different?

I am currently writing the second book to The Legend of the Travelers. I do have other stories out there that aren’t fantasy. Some of these are thrillers and others more everyday life.

In what you’ve written so far, who is your favorite character? (I think I have an idea who it might be.)

My favorite character and I know you’ve probably guessed it correctly is Saille from The Legend of the Travelers. She’s my favorite because she allows me to be more like myself. Fairies aren’t always sugar and gum drops. Sometimes they have a little spice that adds the flavor to their character.

Tell us where we can find you and your writing.

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